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The Dutch freethinkers association 

The Dutch freethinkers association De Vrije Gedachte (The Free Thoughtwas founded in 1856. It is committed to promoting atheist humanism. Freethinkers examine reality through rational thought, without dogmatic or ideological prejudices. Freethinkers reject any conception of God. Therefore, De Vrije Gedachte consideres itself atheistic. The human individual is a central issue to De Vrije Gedachte. In that sense it is humanistic.

The Free Thought

1. Stands for strict separation of church and state;
2. Seeks to safeguard education and teaching from indoctrination;
3. Will Always promote a critical, inquiring and scientific attitude;
4. Will debunk religion, pseudo – science and other delusions;
5. Stands for freedom of expression;
6. Respects the dignity of man as a creature who’s existence is single and finite;
7. Recognizes full self-determination of the human being;
8. Respects other living beings and the environment.


For our symbol we use the pansy. During the 19th century the pansy was used as an international symbol of freethinking. This flower is named ‘Pensée’ in French, which means ‘thought’. The flower has been given this name because the shape of the flower itself resembling a human face, and because in August the flower bends over as if deep in thought. La libre pensée, a term that Victor Hugo is supposed to have introduced in 1850, literally means the free thought and is the French name for freethinking.

International network

De Vrije Gedachte is a member of the IHEU, an international alliance of humanist and atheist organisations. We are also a member of the Atheist Alliance International.


De Vrije Gedachte
PO box 398, 3500 AJ Utrecht, Netherlands
Telephone number: 0031 85 401 6874
E-mail: info@devrijegedachte.nl
Bank account number: NL15 INGB 0000274551 (De Vrije Gedachte)